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Customer Care Officer

RemoteSint-Niklaas, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumCommercial

Job description

The Customer Care department is the backbone of any company. If everything runs smoothly there, the road to success is wide open. And as a Customer Care Officer, you will be our company's main point of contact. You will work directly with our private and business customers to answer their questions or provide additional support where needed. Are you a smooth-talking team member with a backbone? Then read on!

edpnet? Never heard of them!

You've never heard of edpnet? We haven't heard of you either. And that doesn't matter, because at edpnet, you won't find any ego-trippers. As a smart alternative to the big telecom operators, we stick together like birds of a feather. We are a compact, young and dynamic team that you can really count on. You talk straight to your manager, who gives you feedback and coaches you in an open and informal atmosphere. We've got your back at the back office!

Would you still like a word of explanation? Well, we are a self-willed and independent telecom provider, since 1999. We specialise in 'internet only' subscriptions, with fast and truly unlimited internet, without the small print. Everything at a fair price, without fuss. Let the telecom giants unpack, they won't unpack us. You, on the other hand, can pack us off every day with the skills listed below.

Job requirements

Did someone say "smooth"?

  • You are a sponge for new information. You look forward to the training and are eager to telecommute independently from home. On the phone you are sweet-tempered and chatting or e-mailing with you is a pleasure. Both customers and employees love your excellent communication skills: the first commercial or administrative question you cannot answer has yet to be invented.
  • You know your languages (NL/FR/ENG) and you have a good IT/business software knowledge. And even though you don't do cold-calling or hard-selling, in conversation with customers you spot new sales opportunities like an eagle.
  • You live in Belgium.

Are you our backbone?

Underneath your angelic communication is a devil with a backbone. With your technical insight, you process a lot of information quickly, in a structured and well-organised way as if it were nothing. You make watertight quotations that convince, and you take care of all your inbound and outbound sales files like a mother hen. In addition, you do not get easily upset by dissatisfied or even verbally aggressive customers (there are some naughty people who dare to do that).

Because you like to keep an overview, here's what we're looking for:

  • You love the miracle of the internet and you would like to work with a worthy distributor such as edpnet;
  • You are experienced in administration/customer service/ commercial back office;
  • You have good language skills NL/FR/ENG (full bilingualism NL/FR is a nice plus and your English is strong enough for internal training, documentation and communication);
  • You are familiar with IT/internal company software (Enterprise Resource Planning system);
  • You are willing to come to the office in Sint-Niklaas occasionally for training or meetings.

Besides skills, you have a pearl of a personality:

  • Social;
  • Pleasant;
  • Team player;
  • Administrative and well-organised;
  • Commercial flair in customer contact;
  • Eager to learn (open to new things and learning fast);
  • Stress resistant (multitasking, able to deal with dissatisfaction, aggression ...);
  • Technical insight (apply structure and maintain overview while processing a lot of information).

Is there something in return?

Besides the good karma that edpnet exudes, you can count on:

  • A full-time telecommuting contract (we don't care if you work at home, on a terrace or from the inclined plane of Ronquières, as long as you deliver quality);
  • A solid commercial and technical training;
  • A close-knit team with a great team leader;
  • Everything you need to work well at home: laptop with softphone program, headset, keyboard, mouse, laptop riser, desk, desk chair ... ;
  • A mobile workplace at the office;
  • A decent salary (according to experience) with a net expense allowance of EUR 125 per month.

And now we are looking forward to hear what you have to say. Please respond to this vacancy asap and dazzle us with a fiery explanation of your sparkling skills and your radiant personality!