Project Assistant

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Project Assistant

Job description

Stand in front of the mirror and take a good look. Do you see an obstacle-winner, a real problem-solver? If the answer is yes, then read on because you are our ideal candidate for the job Project Assistant. 

Why should you come and solve our problems?

Your job with us is so varied, so stimulating and so satisfying (no, not in that way #metoo), that you automatically see every problem as an opportunity. You will work in a small team, you will be given your own responsibility and enough challenge to keep your brain synapses firing until the working day has flown by surprisingly quickly.

What do you do in practice?

You work as a team on large projects or you follow up on smaller projects independently. You work as a team on large projects or you follow up on smaller projects independently. You answer pre-sales questions and you coordinate and guide our various departments in order to deliver a smooth Internet connection (from the order to the planning of the installation). You are the first point of contact for customers, suppliers and installers within your project. 

Are my colleagues a bit OK?
Your colleagues are such warm people that the central heating in your department is only gathering dust. They support each other through thick and thin, are open-minded and have a sense of humour that would make Philippe Geubels jealous. You work in a small team with short lines of communication and a horizontal structure. You are given the freedom to find your own solutions, and if you ever get stuck, you can rely on the experience of your colleagues and team leader.

Job requirements

And what do you have to offer?

  • You 'see' work
  • You hang on with your claws and teeth. until your project is completed
  • You work independently and take responsibility

You are good at this

  • You understand the noble art of multitasking
  • You are assertive when dealing with stress and you set boundaries
  • You are flexible and help your colleagues wherever you can

And you do not need to be taught this

  • Tu parles français sans cheveux and you speak English like a true blue Englishman
  • You understand problems with more insight than a clairvoyant at full moon
  • If something goes wrong, you have the courage to speak to everyone involved until everything is cleared up

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