Telecom Field Technician - West-Flanders

  • Telcotech
  • Brugge, Belgium

Telecom Field Technician - West-Flanders

Job description

We are looking for an experienced Telecom Field Technician for the region "West-Flanders". Do you live in this region and are you looking for work nearby? Are you in possession of a valid Proximus certificate and do you want a job as Telecom Field Technician? Then you are the technical hero we are looking for to connect our customers to the Internet.

Why on earth would you want to become an edpnet Telecom Field Technician?

No two installations are the same. And that's how you like it. You're on the road, you work with your hands and your brain and you meet interesting people.

You connect companies to the internet and install everything in the customers' homes. You install splitters and wall sockets just like that and configure modems like it's nothing. Because that is what you like to do, and you do it well.

You prefer to deliver the highest quality to the customer, and you get the time and resources to do so. Because you're not a number at edpnet, and neither is your customer.

With us, installation is not a competition between colleagues. On the contrary: your colleagues support you and give you advice if you have a problem. And dispatch, the helpdesk, your manager and HR are only a call away.

This is how you roll

Life has no meaning without the Internet and you know that better than anyone. Like a true superhero, you save people's lives every day by providing your customers with the lifeline that is WiFi. And you do it with passion.

Because you are that sympathetic installer who enjoys explaining to the customer when it's best to use the 2.4Ghz wifi connection and when to use the 5Ghz. And are you puzzled yourself? Then you don't mind asking a colleague for advice.

Job requirements

These are your super powers:

  • You are an experienced professional in the elevated field of telecommunications installation
  • You analyse situations and issues like a modern Einstein
  • Je spreekt perfect Nederlands and you speak English like a native

You are known for this:

  • Your sense of responsibility
  • Your precision and independence (although you can always ask a colleague for help)
  • Your knowledge of internet applications (e-mail, browser, networks, ...)

You enjoy doing this:

  • Constantly learning
  • Communicating like a pro
  • Handle stressful situations
  • Helping customers sincerely (and offering a handkerchief when you hear that they have had to live without wifi for days)

And this is what you have in your pocket:

  • A type B driving licence
  • A valid Proximus certificate
  • A genuine passion for computers, networks and telecoms

What can you expect from us in return for all that?

You get a varied job where every day is different. You work in your own region and do not have to work evenings or weekends. You get a solid salary that is paid on time.

You will receive rock-solid commercial and technical training by enthusiastic colleagues. They will teach you the ropes (not literally, as this has been forbidden in Belgium since 1830).

You are given the time and resources to do your job well. No weekly quota, but delivering quality every day: that is what counts.

For us, you are not a number, and everyone is approachable. You can always count on your fellow installers, the planning department and HR. You can speak to your manager directly and even 'the big boss' can be approached for a question or conversation.

And the extra-legal perks? We are happy to provide them! Company car with technical equipment, fuel card, smartphone with subscription, meal vouchers, hospital insurance and good karma every day.

Yes, I want this so much it hurts!

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